Woman reveals “disgusting” $1K payday from working one day at Verizon

Kawter Abed
Woman reveals "disgusting" $1K payday from working one day at VerizonTIKTOK: datzme2.0 / UNSPLASH

A Verizon employee has left viewers divided on TikTok after revealing that you can make $1,000 a day working at the store.

TikToker Savana Miles (@datzme2.0), who works for American phone and internet service provider Verizon, says the company offers lucrative earnings to its employees, especially those working in direct customer sales

In a 25-second clip, the content creator called the amount of money that some salespeople at the telecommunications company can make in one day “disgusting.”

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“When I tell you it is actually insane that there are people at my job that can make $1,000 in a day in their pocket selling cell phones sitting at a desk typing on this computer right here,” Savana said.

“There are 11 people that hit $1,000 today in their pocket. It is the second of the month. That is disgusting.”

Some TikTok users revealed that they too had worked for phone companies and believed they had witnessed unethical practices among sales employees.

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“I stopped working for a cellular company after watching a coworker talk an old lady into a phone she couldn’t afford and be celebrated for it,” one person commented. “I used to work d2d for verizon and it was super unethical!” another wrote.

“As a former Verizon manager I’ll never understand why people allow themselves to be swindled into expensive accessories and unnecessary upgrades/plans,” a third said.

Others, however, thought the video could be somewhat misleading as not all days would be like this. “It’s the second of the month meaning ppl just got paid so they got $$ plus everyone in the world has a phone,” one user shared.

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“I worked at Verizon. I promise it’s not always like this,” another commented. “This is mainly around sales times, other than that you’re begging people to buy phones.”

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