Top YouTube Fortnite streamer Nick Eh 30 explains surprise move to Twitch

Calum Patterson

One of the most popular streamers on YouTube, Nick Eh 30, has announced that he will be moving to broadcast exclusively on Twitch on September 1, explaining the move in one of his final YouTube livestreams.

There has been speculation that big streamers might follow Ninja’s example by switching away from Twitch to join Mixer, a move which shocked the community.

However, Nick Eh 30 has moved in the opposite direction, joining Twitch as a streamer for the first time, moving over his millions of fans from YouTube.

On his August 29 stream, shortly after the announcement, the YouTuber explained his reasoning for the switch, as some fans were concerned about losing their loyalty streaks as members, YouTube’s equivalent of Twitch subscribers.

“Twitch is the home of the world’s top gamers,” Nick explained, “one of the biggest reasons why I decided to switch was so many new features that Twitch offers, that’ll allow us to better engage, better chat, better moderation, and just have a much more positive and family-friendly community.”

To reassure loyal viewers, Nick clarified, “Twitch will be honoring everyone’s member loyalty (…) So, if you’re a member now, that badge is going to transfer over.”

For fans who prefer YouTube’s platform, the streamer also confirmed that all his VOD’s and videos will remain there. 

“If you guys miss any of my Twitch streams, you can come to my (YouTube) channel and there will be highlights that we’ll be making,” Nick explained, clarifying that he still aims to post multiple videos a week.

It’s a big loss for YouTube but a major gain for Twitch, as Nick Eh 30’s Fortnite streams would often pull in upwards of 10,000 concurrent viewers.

It will be intriguing to see how he fairs on the Amazon-owned platform given the increased competition, with the biggest names in Fortnite like Tfue, Mongraal and NICKMERCS to contend with viewership.