Top OpTic members form new OG brand following Immortals buyout report

Albert Petrosyan
Old Guard - Twitter

Following reports that OpTic Gaming have been acquired by Immortals Gaming Club, several members of the organization went public with their brand new brand called Old Guard.

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On June 7, reports surfaced that after weeks of uncertainty, Immortals Gaming Club had finalized their purchase of Infinite Esports & Entertainment, along with their subsidiary OpTic Gaming.

However, contrary to what had been heavily speculated leading up the sale, the reports indicated that Immortals would not be dissolving the Green Wall, but rather keeping the brand intact and within their portfolio.

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On that very same day, several prominent members of OpTic’s content creation team announced that they had created a new brand called Old Guard, using a logo made of up interlocking letters O and G. 

The official Twitter account of Old Guard posted an image of five Green Wall members wearing the first ever piece of merchandise that the brand has produced, along with the cryptic caption “You can’t buy loyalty.”

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  • Aaron ‘Create’ 
  • Nick ‘MaNiaC’ Kershner
  • Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards
  • Marcus ‘MBoZe’ Banks
  • Will ‘BigTymeR’ Johnson
  • Michael ‘Flamesword’ Chaves

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It would be hard to argue that the timing of the Old Guard announcement and the Immortals buyout report was merely a coincidence, considering all that’s been whispered over the past weeks and months.

For one, the use of the OG acronym, and the fact that the letters are interlocking, is clearly a direct reference to the original OpTic logo, and the brand’s name itself is defined as “original or long-standing members of a group or party, especially ones who are unwilling to accept change or new ideas.”

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Considering that there have also been several recent leaks suggesting that the OpTic content creators would be released from their contracts should Immortals complete the buyout, there is strong belief among fans that these five long-time members have left the organization and partnered up to work on their own project.

However, there’s also the chance that the creators were kept on board, despite the sale, and have simply worked together on the side to form Old Guard. 

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Old GuardThe logo of the new Old Guard brand immediately brings to mind the iconic OpTic Gaming emblem.

All that said, everything to this point continues to be speculation, as not even the Immortals buyout of Infinite and OpTic has been officially confirmed yet.

At this point, the Old Guard website does not have any information listed under its ‘About’ tab, suggesting that the brand is waiting for announcements to start rolling out before they can unveil any of their own details.

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Dexerto reached out to Create for comment, but he said that Old Guard have no comment until tomorrow (Saturday, June 8), which could mean that everything will be getting announced then. 

However, some of the confirmed Old Guard members quoted the announcement tweet with their own posts, each dropping a cryptic hint about the situation. 

As this Old Guard announcement has seemingly raised more questions that it’s answered, the best options for fans right now is to wait until more details are made public by all parties involved.

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As always, we will continue to bring you the latest on this ongoing story as more information becomes available. 

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