Tony Hawk faces backlash after launching new NFT project

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Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk faced backlash on social media after he announced the launch of his own line of ‘Last Trick’ NFTs.

Tony Hawk is a beloved figure in both the skateboarding and gaming respective communities.

He’s helped develop skateboarding into one of the most iconic sports worldwide and has popularized skateboarding video games for over 20 years with a gaming franchise that dons his name.

Although he is loved by many, he joined the growing list of celebrities who’ve drawn criticism online after he announced the launching of an NFT project that left many fans baffled.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater mute air renamed Weddle Grab
Tony Hawk Pro Skater was originally released back in 1999.

Tony Hawk faces backlash over NFTs

Birdman’s NFT project, titled Last Trick, was actually announced on December 16, but only caught the attention of social media more recently.

Since fans found out about the project, many were stunned that the skateboarder was jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

One Twitter account, which takes requests for phrases to put in the iconic Tony Hawk video game font, roasted Tony by posting one which read: “F**k Tony Hawk For Doing NFTs.”

Another user was sad by the way they found out, “Finding out tony hawk is doing an nft from a tumblr meme might be one of the most disappointing experiences i’ve had in the last five years.”

One user simply couldn’t believe the Tony Hawk NFT was real, “Is Tony Hawk really participating in this NFT nonsense??”

Tony Hawk has yet to respond to the backlash at the time of writing.

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