TommyInnit reveals how YouTube fame became “overwhelming” amid Minecraft boom

Virginia Glaze
Minecraft TommyInnitYouTube: IMPAULSIVE

TommyInnit is one of the biggest faces of the Minecraft community — but fame comes with its caveats, and Tommy wasn’t exactly prepared for the recognition that his status as a major Twitch star would bring him.

The Minecraft community boasts a fair few influencers with huge fanbases, Dream, DanDTM, and Karl Jacobs among them, as well as English streamer TommyInnit.

The UK-based content creator gained a foothold in the Minecraft player base in 2020, becoming one of Twitch’s fastest-growing broadcasters and garnering 3 million YouTube subscribers at the end of the year.

Now, Tommy boasts over 6.5 million Twitch followers and over 10 million YouTube subs, and it seems that his status as a top-tier influencer only continues to grow… but he wasn’t prepared for the “overwhelming” amount of recognition the role would require.