TommInnit says “serious” incident almost made him quit YouTube

TommyInnit opens up about serious incident that almost made him quit YouTubeYouTube: tommyinnit

Minecraft star TommyInnit opened up about a “serious” incident that almost drove him to quit his career on YouTube — and revealed why he chose to stay.

TommyInnit is a massively popular Minecraft creator who boasts over 13 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, on top of his staggering 7 million followers on Twitch.

The young influencer has risen to the upper echelon of internet stardom… but he almost threw it all away after a disturbing incident, which he detailed in a March 6 YouTube video titled, ‘I Almost Quit Forever.’

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In his video, Tommy claimed that a “serious” ordeal happened just before his famous vlog with KSI back in 2021 that prompted Dream to give him a phone call.

Tommyinnit-opens-up-mental-health-youtube-fameYouTube: IMPAULSIVE
Tommyinnit is one of the internet’s most popular Minecraft content creators.

TommyInnit says Dream warned him about “serious” incident

During the conversation, Tommy claims that Dream warned him people were “coming for” him, and that he should “lock [his] windows, shut [his] doors, and prepare for the worst.”

“I didn’t know what he meant,” Tommy admitted. “I was f*cking freaked out. He told me that people were coming for me — this isn’t a joke — and that I’d have to f*cking prepare.”

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“I think that might have been the most scared I’ve ever been.”

He also claimed that Dream called his parents to explain the situation, who were equally as frightened as he was.

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“They understood, but they couldn’t even lie to me — they were pretty f*cking scared, too. I wasn’t even 18, and this sh*t was happening.”

“After a few hours, I left our call, and went to bed… and that is when they arrived at my house.”

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TommyInnit announces live tour in UK for June 2023

Tommy didn’t delve any further into the incident, saying that legally, he isn’t allowed to speak about it online. However, he did announce a forthcoming tour across the UK, where he claims he’ll open up about that ordeal and even more behind-the-scenes details for fans in-person.

The tour starts in June and will go throughout that whole month. Tommy claims that, if tickets sell well, he hopes to take his live tour worldwide to meet fans in America, Australia, and more countries.

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This is just the latest Minecraft star to tell all following our interview with Dream, who opened up about the effect his viral face reveal had on his personal and professional life.

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