Poker legend Tom Dwan wins the biggest hand ever televised with $3.1 million pot

Filip Krawanski
Wesley Fei and Tom Dwan looking at each other during pre-flop phase of a poker game.

Hustler Casino’s broadcast of a poker game with a $1 million buy-in saw poker pros Tom Dwan and Wesley Fei face off for a historic $3.1 million pot, the biggest in televised poker’s history.

Hustler Casino regularly broadcasts games between the biggest names in poker that usually are played for absurd amounts of money.

Those unfamiliar with poker still might recognize LA’s Hustler Casino for hosting Ludwig’s $1m YouTube poker tournament.

The Casino is known for hosting $1 million buy-in games, where each player comes to the table ready to put their own million dollars on the line, up to $7 million total.

One such game during Hustler Casino’s Live May 31 broadcast featured a hand where Tom Dwan faced Wesley Fei for the biggest pot in the history of televised poker, $3.1 million.

Tom Dwan calls Wesley Fei’s bluff for a $3.1 million dollar pot

The historic hand starts out with LSG Hank raising $7000 before Wesley raises $30,000, followed by another raise of $100,000 by Tom Dwan.

This causes LSG Hank to fold, but Wesley keeps pushing with a $275,000 raise which Tom Dwan calls. The players finally enter the flop phase of the game with an already massive $562,000 pot waiting for the winner.

Wesley bets another $125,000 despite only having an ace high, a bluff that Tom calls, adding another $300k to the pot, before ‘the turn’ starts. Wesley still with only an ace high bets $350k, likely trying to scare off Tom but he checks after a while of consideration.

Timestamp of 6:12:20 through to 6:25:50

Wesley resorts to calling an ‘all-in’ during the river, Tom Dwan proceeds to call with $786,000, bringing the total pot up to $3.1 million. The showdown reveals that Tom was sitting on a pair of queens the entire game and Wesley loses the hand as he still only had the ace high.

Hustler Casino Live’s Twitter proceeded to report on the game by stating: “$3.1 MILLION POT!! THE BIGGEST POT IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISED POKER!!”

Viewers had heaps of praise for both of the players for their nerves of steel considering the amount of money on the table.

“Tom plays the player, not the card. In the end, no one in the world can bluff Tom the way he did with other players. Great play and great win,” one viewer said, summing things up.

One has to wonder, how long will the record stand, funnily enough just four hours after the record hand, the second biggest US televised poker pot in history was played at the same table between LSG Hank and Wesley Fei.

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