Good Week, Bad Week: MrBeast Burger grilled, Bella Poarch & Valkyrae in ‘Build a B*tch’

MrBeast and Bella Poarch in Good Week, Bad Week headerTwitter: bellapoarch / YouTube: MrBeast

In another busy week for the world of influencers, Bella Poarch has blown fans away with her star-studded ‘Build a B*tch’ music video, and MrBeast’s Burger trended on Twitter after customers revealed undercooked orders.

It’s nearly always an exciting time when a social media star drops a music video, as people are keen to see whether these creators can really pull off such a huge project. Bella Poarch’s hit was among the many anticipated videos to release this week, and it has already made a huge impact.

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But not everyone has been held in the highest esteem over the past week.

Bad Week: Nikita Dragun under fire for claiming Valentino shut down their store for her

Beauty influencer Nikita Dragun was slammed for claiming Valentino shut down their store exclusively to let her shop after internet sleuths discovered it wasn’t actually the case.

Nikita posted a story to her Instagram of her in the store with the caption “Seen strolling through the branch’s glittering silver corridors, the story states “@masionvalentino shutting down the store for me and treating me to a shopping spree has me acting up!!”

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However, the internet began to suspect her claims pretty quickly and went digging in an effort to catch out the guru. Turns out, they did just that.

Nikita DragunInstagram: Nikita Dragun
Nikita has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

A glance at Valentino’s official website shows that the stores are only open for customers via “curbside pickup” or “by appointment.”

As you can imagine, as soon as word got out about this, the internet was quick to criticize her. One response that garnered over a thousand likes simply stated, “Talk about a God complex…”

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But Nikita is no stranger to drama and looking at her other controversies, this is comparatively minimal.

Good Week: Bella Poarch releases ‘Build a B*tch’

TikTok star Bella Poarch got fans super excited after she released a teaser of her first song, ‘Build a B*tch.’

Bella also confirmed via Twitter that streamer Valkyrae would have a role in the video, around two months after she played Corpse Husband in the music video for ‘DAYWALKER!’

The video finally dropped on May 14, and was an instant hit among fans of the TikTok star.

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Valkyrae and Bella Poarch in 'Build a B*tch'Bella Poarch Twitter
Fans loved seeing some familiar faces in the video, including Valkyrae.

According to Chart Data, the song was the most-watched music video on global YouTube in the 24 hour period, meaning she managed to beat viral sensation Olivia Rodrigo with her new hit ‘Good 4 U.’

The catchy tune combined with the cool video concept meant the project turned out great, and the tune is already going viral on TikTok, with people using the sound to make their own videos.

People are already looking forward to Bella’s next music project, now that they know she’s able to pull something like this out of the bag.

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Bad Week: MrBeast Burger trends on Twitter after raw food images

Popular Youtuber MrBeast launched his very own burger restaurant back in December 2020, and since then he’s managed to expand it into a whole delivery chain that’s now gone international.

But on May 15, the outlet’s name began to trend on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Users shared images of food they or others claimed to have received from the YouTuber’s burger chain, that showed uncooked chicken, burnt burgers, or generally unappealing meals.

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Some tweets calling out MrBeast Burger even got tens of thousands of likes, with people joining in the trend to share their own underwhelming experiences from the chain.

The YouTuber’s new project has received decidedly mixed reviews since launch, with some happy, and some not so happy customers. But as more locations continue to open, things may become more consistent over time.

Good Week: Joshua Bassett opens up about sexuality

Joshua Bassett is most well known for being a Disney star, particularly for his role in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

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But an even wider audience became aware of him in January when co-star and singer Olivia Rodrigo released her song ‘Drivers License’ which was rumored to be about Joshua. He was swept up in the drama as the song went insanely viral.

Joshua Bassett drops coming out video in interviewYouTube: Clevver News
Many fans were super supportive of the star.

In an interview with Clevver News, the actor was talking about Harry Styles, when he said: “He’s just cool, who doesn’t think Harry Styles is cool?” Joshua said. “Also he’s hot you know? He’s very charming too. He’s lots of things. This is also my coming out video I guess.”

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He also shared a series of rainbow hearts on Twitter along with a message saying “it’s okay to still be figuring out who you are,” adding, “I choose love.”

Joshua was met with a crazy amount of support from fans who congratulated him and agreed with the positive message he’s trying to spread.

With the hype surrounding music videos like Bella Poarch’s ‘Build a B*tch’ and Dixie D’Amelio’s ‘F**kboy’ continuing, many fans will no doubt be interested to see what other projects influencers have up their sleeve.

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