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Why doctors warn against “dangerous” garlic-up-nose TikTok hack

Published: 10/Jul/2021 19:18

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


Doctors have warned TikTok users not to take part in the viral ‘garlic’ hack. While the trick may appear to “work”, inserting garlic up your nose could do some serious damage.

Taking garlic breath to the next level, this new ‘garlic up nose’ hack has been making the rounds on TikTok as of late. In a viral video posted on June 25, user @hwannah5 attempted to clear her sinuses in a pretty unconventional way.

The hack allegedly works by sticking a clove of garlic in each nostril, then leaving them for 20 minutes. Users then make sure they find a sink (or another receptacle) before pulling them out. Once the cloves have been removed, a sea of snot follows, making for one gruesome watch.


@hwannah5’s video has since reached over 35 million views, and many users have already given it a go for themselves. User @rozalinekatherine posted a TikTok of her trying the trick out, insisting “it really works!”

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Doctors advise against viral TikTok trend

Doctors have since explained why, in theory, the trick works. The garlic isn’t actually the reason for the slurry of snot being triggered. Any obstruction will cause a clog of mucus; once the dam is broken, the mucus will pour out.

But (as is often the case) just because you can, does that mean you should? Abisola Olulade, MD told Refinery29 that the hack is genuinely “dangerous.”  The spicy scent of the garlic can cause “irritation,” prompting your nose to stream, and obstruction of the nasal passages (i.e. cramming objects up your nose) can also cause lining “damage.”


Of course, there’s always the risk of the cloves getting stuck up there.

TikTok garlic up nose hack The tag #garlicupnose has over 100,000 views on TikTok

The moral of the story? Perhaps it’s best not to stick things up your nose without consulting a doctor, first!