TikTok’s viral AI death prediction trend is truly scary

Kawter Abed
AI death prediction

A new ominous trend allows TikTok users to get a ‘prediction’ of their own deaths using artificial intelligence.

TikTok has had its fair share of dark and scary trends sweeping across the social media platform, most recently with the viral ‘ghost filter’ trend.

Now, people are turning to the app to get a prediction on their death, using a popular filter called ‘AI Greenscreen.’

The trend is quite simple. Users record a short video of themselves using the filter, along with this eerie sound, and the AI Greenscreen will generate a creepy painting depicting the user’s death.

The filter has been blowing up on the social media app, and the trend has been proven to be a hit with the MyDeath hashtag gaining over 11.2 million views.

TikTok users share prediction of their deaths

TikTok user simenaroj went viral with over 4.7 million views, as she took part in the latest scary trend.

The mortified content creator revealed a spooky painting of a man appearing to hug a woman, as they’re standing over a puddle of blood.


She captioned the video: “Ayo what. How am I supposed to interpret this?”

“I thought it was a prince holding you in his old castle while you bled out bc of somebody.. like dying in your loved ones arms” one user commented.

“My first thought was: betrayed by a lover, who in a warm embrace ended up stabbing you with a dagger (imagination flow)” another user added.

Another TikToker shared a video of her death prediction using the disturbing filter. The painting in her video shows a woman being stabbed by a tree, as she’s covered in blood.


People got creative as they shared their interpretations of the painting.

“A tree stabbed you and you dropped the flowers you picked,” one user wrote, to which the content creator replied: “That’s cute.”

“The black figure looks like death and there’s a forest and flowers look like they represent a grave” a second user added.

“It looks like being betrayed by a lover, be safe out there” a third user suggested.

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