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TikTokers Sir Carter, ThatsSoRaffy accused of sexual assault by Fortnite pro

Published: 15/Nov/2021 2:43 Updated: 15/Nov/2021 13:51

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite pro JeffTheMVP has accused TikTok stars Sir Carter and ThatsSoRaffy of sexually assaulting him and a close friend, alleging they passed out while drunk before waking up next to the social media pair “naked” and confused.

JeffTheMVP, a professional Fortnite player currently signed to XTRA Gaming, has come forward with accusations about Sir Carter, who has millions of followers on TikTok, and his friend, ThatsSoRaffy.

Jeff alleges that he and his friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, were invited to Carter and Raffy’s house, where they were repeatedly encouraged to drink alcohol, told to “get on their level,” and were told partying with the TikTok pair would get them “brand deals, endorsements, and influencer friends.”


After some time, Jeff says he and his friend became “hazy and intoxicated” and passed out.

He then alleges that he woke up naked in bed next to Raffy, with no memory of what had happened, and found his friend in Carter’s bed.

The allegations

Jeff claims that on August 7, 2021, Raffy invited him and a close friend to Carter’s Los Angeles home to “chill and go in their jacuzzi.” They were hesitant at first but obliged under the assumption that it would be a good chance to network.

He states Carter and Raffy were “well informed” he identified as a straight male. He even claims to have told them he had a girlfriend and was under the impression it was something they “accepted” and “understood.”


When they arrived, he learn Raffy and Carter had been drinking since 7AM. He wrote that they kept urging him and his friend to “get on their level” and repeatedly gave them drinks.

Jeff said he and his friend “wanted to fit in and make them happy,” so they went along with it. But after he started feeling “hazy and intoxicated,” he claims they asked them to move into one of their bedrooms to watch a movie.

Instagram: SirCarter / ThatsSoRaffy
Carter and his friend, Raffy, have come under fire over the allegations.

“I started dozing off because I was severely under the influence,” said Jeff. “I woke up in the bed next to Raffy, Carter’s friend. I was naked and had no idea what had happened.”


“I had holes in my boxers that I later turned into the police for evidence along with my white shirt that was covered in their makeup. I went into panic mode and looked for my friend. I found him in bed with Carter.

“I woke him up in distress because I felt violated and was naked. We quietly left, and both of us were in shock. We both were violated, and our minds were all over the place…

“I had no idea anything like this would happen… We were manipulated.”

Twitter: JeffTheMVP
Jeff pictured alongside his girlfriend on Halloween.

The aftermath

Afterward, Jeff claims they kept texting him as if “nothing was wrong.” He left Los Angeles soon after and eventually told his sister what happened. She encouraged him to file a police report and get checked out at a local hospital, which he did.


After leaving LA, Jeff allegedly received several messages from Larray, who is friends with Carter and Raffy. These were “sent and un-sent” repeatedly.

He also claims his esports team, XTRA Gaming, made him feel “wrong” for wanting to open up about it on social media. He said: “They said that I would have to leave the team if I wanted to talk about this publicly.”

“It was a bad feeling to be made to feel as if this was my fault. It wasn’t.”

Jeff, who competes in Fortnite pro tournaments, wrote the interactions with XTRA Gaming tainted his passion for gaming, and stated the purported meeting with Carter and Raffy made him no longer feel like the same person.


XTRA Gaming
Jeff claims XTRA Esports didn’t support him and even encouraged him to keep his account of the events private.

Jeff states that he has “receipts” from the evening, including photos taken by police, a confidential investigation report, and more. He also claims to have evidence of his conversation with members from XTRA Gaming.

Raffy and Carter have yet to respond to Jeff’s post on Twitter by publication.