TikTokers bash plane passenger as ‘most reclined seat in history’ goes viral

TikTokers bash plane passenger as 'most reclined seat in history' goes viralTIKTOK: thepointerbrothers_

A plane passenger with the ‘most reclined seat in history’ went viral for all the wrong reasons, as TikTok users are slamming his “selfish” move.

The Pointer Brothers, who have over 1.4 million followers on the short-form app, shared a video of the frustrating ordeal.

In the short clip, the passenger was seen fully reclining his seat on a five-hour flight, causing discomfort to the traveler behind him.

The seat was reclined so far back that it almost touched one of the brothers’ noses. The TikToker, who was left with no legroom, reacted to this by jokingly holding up a red card in protest.

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“Easiest red card of all time,” the duo captioned the clip. “Five-hour flight time… Is this the most reclined seat in the history of aviation?” the in-text caption read.

The video went viral with 4.6 million views, as many TikTok users took to the comments to bash the reclining passenger.

“You can recline you seat but not to the point where the person behind you don’t have any more space to move,” one wrote. “I hate people who do that.”

“People who recline their seats back like this are selfish,” another added.

“Be kind, never recline. Unless you’re more important than the person behind you,” a third commented.

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“Should’ve kicked and bashed his seat,” someone else shared.

While many were unimpressed with the plane passenger’s behavior, there were some who defended their decision to recline their seats.

“I recline my seat every single time and never have I been upset with the seat in front of me for reclining their seat,” one said.

“I’m always going to recline my seat ESPECIALLY on a long flight,” another stated.

“All these people complaining about people reclining… unless you’re last row, yours reclines too. Relax,” a third wrote.