TikTokers avoid felony by playing rock, paper, scissors with police

Michael Gwilliam
TikToker dodge felony charge with rock paper scissors

A clip of TikTokers supposedly dodging a felony charge by beating police in ‘rock, paper, scissors’ has gone viral, resulting in a heated debate about “privilege.”

If you’ve ever been caught speeding, jaywalking or some other offense by a police officer, have you ever wished you could just play a game to get out of it? That’s exactly what a TikToker has claimed to happen to him and his friends.

In a clip uploaded to TikTok earlier in April, user ‘thickbwoy’ showed off his bikini-clad friend on a boat preparing to square off against cops in a game of RPS.

Using good old best of three rules (the only real way to play, let’s be real here), the girl was able to best her cop opponent 2-1, losing to scissors in round one, winning with scissors to secure round two and paper to smother rock to clutch out the set.

After winning, the boat’s occupants erupted in cheers, and seemingly for good reason, as the uploader captioned the video, “we got out of a felony with rock, paper, scissors.”

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Viral ‘rock, paper, scissors’ TikTok sparks backlash

While it’s unclear if the caption was accurate and the crew really did manage to avoid a felony charge by winning a kid’s game, the clip did earn its fair share of controversy.

With 18.6 million views, it seemed like everyone had an opinion with many taking an issue with the TikTokers seemingly abusing their “privilege.”

“What kind of privilege is this…” one user wrote.

Paper beats rock.
Is paper topping the RPS tier lists?

“Results may vary on skin color,” said another.

Others doubted the clip’s legitimacy and hoped the caption was incorrect. “Felony stop would be an arrestable offense, no way a Game Warden is going to joke around with that type of offense,” a viewer commented.

So far, thickbwoy hasn’t provided any additional details about the viral post, so don’t consider this to be the new meta if you ever find yourself in a legal predicament.