TikToker under fire with ‘animal abuse’ allegations after controversial videos

Jacob Hale
avani reyes throwing ice on cat with tiktok logo in cornerTikTok: avanireyes

A popular TikToker has come under fire after posting a video that some critics have deemed as animal abuse, accusing her of showing a lack of care for her pet cat.

Avani Reyes has over 3 million followers on TikTok, with her low-energy videos making iced coffee both funny for viewers and offering some inspiration for everyone’s iced coffee needs.

Perhaps most notably, however, Reyes is known for “copying” the Gorilla Glue girl, having to go to the emergency room after putting some in her hair and not being able to wash it out.

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Now, though, she’s under fire for more serious reasons, as outraged fans question her treatment of her cat in a video posted to TikTok.

Avani Reyes with gorilla glue in hairTikTok: avanireyes
Avani has already made headlines before for different reasons.

Each of Avani’s iced coffee videos start with her throwing a tray of ice cubes onto her counter — and this is the root of where the backlash has come from.

In a TikTok posted on January 13, Avani throws her ice down on the counter like she always does, but this time her cat is in the way. Instead of moving the cat, however, or changing things up, Avani acts as if they aren’t there and still throws the ice down.

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She hits the cat and, in the subsequent moments, the pet falls off the counter, with Avani ignoring them the entire time.

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Before long, most of the comments came out to speak against Avani’s actions and question her treatment of her cat.

The top comment asked “why do this to an animal,” while others insisted that the cat didn’t deserve that treatment, or that “this is just really upsetting.”

Avani actually doubled down and posted another similar video, throwing ice on her cat, clearly either unaware on uncaring of the backlash she was facing.

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The comments on the subsequent video were pretty much exactly the same, questioning the TikToker’s motives and asking why they would do this in the first place.

At the time of writing, Avani has not yet responded to the backlash.

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