TikToker under fire for pranking girlfriend with fake marriage proposal

Kawter Abed
TikTok marriage proposal prank

A TikToker has sparked outrage for pranking his girlfriend with a fake marriage proposal in a viral video.

The German TikTok prankster goes by Alexandrovitch90 and is known to share prank videos with his 100,000 followers.

However, his most viral video to date, with 44 million views, has been labeled as “cruel” and “heartbreaking” by some viewers.

The video starts with him filming his girlfriend walking into their apartment, which is filled with rose petals dashed across the floor, and balloons.

His girlfriend is heard asking “What is this?” as a big smile appears on her face. The prankster did not respond, but handed her a pair of scissors to cut a ribbon hung near an entrance.

He then hands her a bouquet of roses, asks her to close her eyes, and then leads her to their kitchen where he tells her to open her eyes.

Instead of a proposal or gift, she is met with stacks of dirty pots and pans littering the kitchen counter and sink. While the TikToker bursted into laughter, his girlfriend was less than impressed as she threw the bouquet of roses at him before storming out.

TikToker faces backlash over fake marriage proposal prank

Just like the TikToker’s girlfriend, viewers were unimpressed with the prank, as they flooded the comment section to share their frustrations.

“I would have broke up with him instantly,” one viewer commented.

“I know I’m supposed to find this funny but I just feel so much pain watching this. I feel so bad for her,” another viewer shared.

“With all that effort he put into tricking her. He could have just washed the dang dishes,” someone else added.

Speaking about the controversial prank, the TikToker told Newsweek that his girlfriend had been “expecting a proposal and this was a good opportunity to prank her without expecting it”.

The prankster admitted that the prank left his girlfriend fuming, as “she took being angry to a new level,” but the two were able to laugh about it later.

He also told the news outlet: “There will be many more pranks to come. You can be excited.”

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