TikToker tries to order at McDonald’s AI drive-thru and it ends in disaster

TikToker tries to order via McDonald’s AI drive-thru and it ends in disasterTIKTOK: that_usa_guy

A TikToker went viral after his attempt to order food through McDonald’s AI drive-thru ended in an epic fail.

Content creator Dal shared his experience using a McDonald’s artificial intelligence-powered drive-thru machine, and the system hilariously failed both times to get his orders right.

In a viral TikTok video with over 289,000 views, he showed the first order he placed using one of the machines for two ice cream cones. Unfortunately, the AI added an unexpected topping to the order, which he didn’t request.

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“You added bacon to my ice cream. I don’t want bacon,” Dal said in the video.

The system then adjusts the order to three ice cream cones, when the customer only wanted two.

After what seemed to be a prolonged interaction with the “intelligence,” an employee finally jumped in and correctly took the order.

In another video, Dal shared his second attempt at ordering using the AI-powered machine, and it didn’t get any better, as the technology kept getting his drink wrong.

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Once again, an employee had to step in and take over the ordering process, as the customer was unable to rectify the error using the AI.

Was it really the McDonald’s AI’s fault?

While you might assume this was a simply failure of technology, many TikTok users criticized Dal’s ordering procedure, saying he wasn’t clear enough.

“Was more frustrated by the user than the robot. Speak clearer commands next time,” one commented.

“Mans trying to order the same way my grandma uses Google,” another added. “Dude you were making it so complicated,” a third said.

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“What can I get for you?’ ‘nothing’ also him: ‘where’s my order?” someone else quipped.

Others think this is what happens when you replace employees with technology. “This is what it will be if they get rid of employees,” one user stated.