TikToker sparks debate after she got seated in “Black section” of restaurant

Kawter Abed
TikToker seated in "Black section" at restaurant

A Black TikToker claimed she got seated in a “Black section” of a New Jersey restaurant, sparking debate.

The content creator alleged that she was directed to an area of a restaurant with predominantly Black people after asking to sit in another area, in which most customers were White.

In a video with over 252,000 views, TikToker Banksu detailed her visit to The Pub in Pennsauken, New Jersey, where she was asked to sit in an area with mostly Black people, despite wanting to sit at a different spot.

“They directed us to the ‘black section,'” the text over the video read.

In the clip, Banksu showed both parts of the restaurant. In one section, there were mostly Black people, while in the other, the customers were mainly White. “That’s crazy,” she said.

TikToker sparks debate after getting seated at “black section” of restaurant

TikTok users were divided, with some offering an explanation as to why Banksu might have been seated at a specific section, instead of her desired spot.

“The ‘white people’ room is clearly a private party and the ‘black people’ room clearly also has white people.” one user noted.

“No disrespect but that clearly is a private party, looks like they have a cake with candles at the back….” another one added.

“Do you have to pay to sit in one section and not the other? Sometimes they have vip section that cost and free section that doesn’t,” someone else wrote.

Others were convinced the TikToker was discriminated based on race.

“They got you in the Rosa parks section? That’s messed up,” one user commented.

“Oh yeah no that’s WAY too many people to be a coincidence,” another user wrote.

“I hope black people stop eating there until they get it together,” a third user shared.

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