TikToker sparks debate after not tipping her high school bully at Red Robin

TikToker brags about not tipping red robin waitress, sparks debateWikimedia Commons: TaurusEmerald/TikTok: TeeenyMaria

A TikToker has sparked a debate in their comments after bragging about not tipping her high school bully after having her as a waitress at Red Robin.

Running into someone you knew from high school is inevitable, assuming you don’t move out of your hometown after graduation.

Bell Marie, who goes by the name teeenymaria on TikTok, recently went to Red Robin for a meal when she realized her waitress was a girl that made fun of her in high school.

She then uploaded a video bragging about not leaving her a tip, sparking a debate in the comments.

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TikToker brags about not tipping high school bully

TeeenyMaria posted her now-viral video on November 20, explaining that she didn’t tip her waitress because she was her high school bully.

“My waitress at Red Robin was a girl who made fun of me in high school. I left her with no tip. hahaha,” the video reads.

The upload quickly went viral, gaining nearly 400k viewers in just two days.

She quickly sparked a debate in the comments regarding whether or not she was right to leave her waitress without a tip.

“Only time we are okay with the no-tip option,” one user said.

Another user replied: “I love when this happens haha.”

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While others argue that the TikToker should have given the waitress a big tip: “Nah man just shows she got to you. The power move is a big tip and act like you don’t even know who she is… You’re better and moved on.”

“Here’s a better idea that I love. Leave a really good tip to prove you turned out with a better job,” another user said.