TikToker shocked after discovering dozens of new bikes in viral dumpster dive

Virginia Glaze

A TikToker is going viral after discovering a massive amount of bicycles — some still in boxes — that had been tossed in a dumpster behind a Target store.

TikTok is a home for viral content of all kinds… but one TikTok account is getting some extra creativity points for showing the absurd things people can find in dumpsters.

The account, aptly named ‘dumpster_finds,’ only boasts around 911 followers, but it’s receiving some heightened attention due to a specific video it shared last month.

On April 21, 2022, ‘dumpster finds’ uploaded a video from a woman who showed off one of the more surprising dumpster dives we’ve ever seen — one that could potentially be worth thousands of dollars.

TikToker discovers bikes in dumpster behind Target
One TikToker was shocked at the sheer amount of bikes she found dumped behind her local Target store.

The video shows a dumpster filled with a number of seemingly new bicycles, all packed into large cardboard boxes. Some of the bikes were still in their individual boxes, yet to be assembled.

“Bikes, bikes, and more bikes,” the woman can be heard narrating her unexpected find. “New bikes. Brand-new bikes. There’s a f**kin’ bike in a box.”

The Dumpster Finds account had a more biting sentiment for the Target location the bikes were allegedly dumped at: “When Target can’t be bothered to donate.”

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The video has garnered over 296,000 views at the time of writing, and is filled with commenters shocked at the sheer amount of products that were tossed away with others calling for the Target to donate the wasted bikes.

“The amount of kids that could totally be completely overly excited to receive one,” one commenter said. “Whether foster care or poverty.”

bike dumpster tiktok comment 1

“I was in a trance watching this over and over,” another said. “Just sad and amazed at the lack of care for the community’s under privileged [people].”

Bike dumpster tiktok comment 2

This video almost pales in comparison to another TikTok uploaded to the ‘dumpster finds’ account, where a woman and her daughter came across two brand-new TVs, still in boxes, that had been thrown away.

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For now, it’s unclear what the lucky finder ended up doing with all the bikes they discovered, but commenters are hopeful they went to someone in need.

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