TikToker reveals what inside of a vape looks like and viewers are grossed out

Kawter Abed
Insides of vaping device

A TikToker went viral after exposing what the inside of a vape device looks like, leaving a lot of viewers grossed out.

The disgusting inside of a popular vape has been revealed in a new TikTok video, that shows the revolting truth of what many smokers are really breathing in.

“Stop vaping ya’ll” reads the caption over the viral video, which highlighted the unknown muck lurking inside the electronic cigarettes.

In the eye-opening clip, viewed over 20.3 million times, TikToker sashoupss dismantled a pink and white vape, peeling off the mouthpiece, which exposed a tubular filthy sponge concealed inside the transparent plastic casing.

Beneath there was a plastic stopper that concealed battery wires and had to be forcefully removed with pliers. Each part was coated in splotches of chemical debris, which the TikToker suspected was likely to end up in smokers’ lungs.

The content creator made their message clear, as they captioned the 33-second clip: “This is your sign to quit vaping.”

TikTok grossed out at innards of vape

Thousands of TikTok users flooded the comments, expressing their disgust at what they had just watched.

“Ya’ll smoking batteries now,” one user commented. “Why do people even consider it is my question,” another one wrote.

“Everyone was so worried about straws but see no issue in disposable vapes,” a third user noted.

“People who smoke it just think they are special and cool,” someone else shared. Another user agreed, adding “This vid makes me glad I never vaped or smoked. It’s nasty fr.”

Some, however, were unfazed by what they saw.

“What did you think would be in there,” influencer Lana Rhoades questioned.

“What were they expecting? A tiny unicorn inside?” someone else joked. “Girl I’ve recharged disposables multiple times I know what’s inside,” another one commented.

Others were concerned that users continued to share their love for vaping, despite being aware of the health risks.

“The fact people are fine talking about vaping in the comments like it makes them hard and cool is embarrassing,” one user wrote.

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