TikToker reveals spreadsheet her boyfriend kept for every cent she owed him

TikToker reveals spreadsheet her boyfriend kept for every cent she owed himTIKTOK: maddyblythe

A TikToker left viewers shocked after revealing an insane spreadsheet her then-boyfriend kept for all the money she owed him.

Content creator Maddy shared the monthly Excel spreadsheets her ex-boyfriend – who she dated for three years – kept which documented all the things she owed him money for each month.

In a viral video with 2.4 million views, she explained that he once charged her $3 for a banana and a piece of toast she ate.

Maddy wrote in a text overlay: “When my ex-bf charged me $3 for a banana and a piece of toast and sent me monthly Excel spreadsheets of the money I owed him and I had no idea that’s not how normal relationships worked.”

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The video is a follow-up to an earlier one, where she shared a screenshot of the document. Maddy explained that she received spreadsheets monthly, and they were color-coded to make it easier for her to see what she owed her ex.

“He would send me about one of these a month and as you can see he was nice enough to color code it,” she revealed. “That was great, and then at the bottom of this would be the totals of everything that I owed.”

Maddy made sure to clarify at the start of the video that she would not allow a romantic partner to treat her this way now.

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TikTok users in the comments were in disbelief at the revelation.

“This is CRAZY I would hate to live like this. I can barely remember my expenses each day much less to do this,” one wrote.

“Splitting major expenses while living together is completely reasonable for two working adults. But asking you to pay for a banana & a toast at his mom’s is super weird,” another added.

“It’s like you’re living in a hotel and these are your mini bar charges,” a third joked.

“For anyone who does not know, this is all a huge red flag,” someone else warned.

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