TikToker makes fiance sign contract to guarantee he never cheats: “New level of crazy”

David Purcell
tiktoker with legal document

A TikToker has gone viral after making her fiance sign a contract guaranteeing he will never cheat in their relationship, with some heavy financial repercussions.

Chaylene Martinez, known on TikTok by the username SalamiiQueen, has gone viral after confirming her partner has signed a now-notarized document promising to never cheat.

It states that if he was to ever cheat, he would assume her future living costs for life.

While she has refused to share a PDF of the file on privacy grounds, Martinez has spoken openly about the arrangement – which she describes as a romantic gesture.

The clip was uploaded to her TikTok account on August 12. Despite having just 20,000 followers, a series of viral videos about this situation have put her likes at 4 million.

Her TikToks connected to the ‘no cheat’ documents have been viewed over seven million times, attracting 1.6 million likes.

She admits that it is “a whole new level of crazy” and does have insecurities about relationships. “My boyfriend, fiance, just signed a legal document and we got it notarized… If he cheats on me, he has to pay my bills.

“I, financially, have been screwed over so many times, and when it comes to money, I get scared and I don’t trust easily,” she said in a follow-up clip.

“We are now engaged, we’re doing things, financially, together, we’re making accounts together… So we thought it would be a great idea just to make sure that we both make some documents and agreements and sign them together.

“Guess what, people cheat all the time… And girls waste their time [with cheaters], and time is money.”