TikToker in tears after ‘dream’ tattoo goes horribly wrong

Kawter Abed
TikToker crying and unveiling her tattoo fail

An Australian TikToker broke down in tears after traveling overseas to get her dream tattoo and discovering it went horribly wrong.

Content creator Tia Kabir said she’s now “lost for words” after getting what should have been her dream tattoo during an overseas trip to Bali.

In a viral clip with 5.1 million views, Tia unveiled the permanent ink, tearfully explaining to her 93,000 followers that she’d been “dreaming” of this particular design. However, she was horrified when she saw the finished result, and realized that the tattoo artist had botched it.

The TikToker and OnlyFans star had been hoping for a tattoo of the words “Angel Energy,” but the tattooist got the two words back to front, leaving her with “Energy Angel” inked across her arm.

“So, I came to Bali to get a tattoo right, and I’ve been dreaming of getting this tattoo because I just don’t get tattoos all the time. I get one like every few months,” Tia explained while weeping. “And it was supposed to say ‘Angel Energy’, and no it just says ‘Energy Angel.'”

TikTok reacts to influencer’s tattoo fail

Many TikTok users in the comments were sympathetic and tried to reassure her it wasn’t “that bad.”

“I’m dyslexic, so I don’t see the difference. You’re good,” one user wrote. “Honestly it’s not that bad it can still be meaningful and looks well done,” another said. “Energy Angel sounds cool,” a third added.

Others, however, couldn’t understand how Tia didn’t notice that the stencil was wrong before the needle touched her skin. “You know you can look at the stencil before they start tattooing right?” one shared.

“You didn’t confirm the stencil with them before they started tattooing? That’s on you girl.” another pointed out. “Were you sleeping when they put the stencil on?” someone else questioned.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker revealed that her tattoo had been fixed and now reads: “Energy of an Angel.” She thanked her supporters for all the “unconditional love” they’d shown her, and stuck her tongue out at her “haters.”

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