TikToker goes viral for genius Air Conditioning hack

Terry Oh
tiktok AC

A mechanic on TikTok shared an incredibly simple, yet genius air conditioning hack to help create a more efficient cooling system: just hose it off.

The summer has been incredibly hot in many parts of the world, and a poorly functioning AC unit can only do so much. Many AC units may be in need of a full fix or upgrade, but some just need a good cleaning!

Baffled by another ignorant TikToker’s advice, where the user put an umbrella over their unit in an attempt to increase efficiency — Tiktoker ‘thewilliebeast‘ responded “yeah, that’s not gonna work.”

The experienced mechanic then shared his own technique, walking over to his garden hose: “Turn that sucker on. Let’s take this, and take a little walk to your AC unit.”

He seemed to be purposely explaining the process very slowly, as to not confuse any viewers. “See those fins? There can be a lot of different styles, but one thing that happens to all of them, they get dirty.”

Continuing on, “all you need to do, rinse it off” he explained.

The mechanic hosed the unit, revealing muddy runoff water.

Many of the viewers were baffled by this fix, with one user commenting “me being surprised it’s waterproof even though it’s literally outside.”

The comments seem to be resounding with praise for the mechanic, who “listed his entire resume” to provide a very easy, yet ingeinus, method to fixing some AC units.

His recently found popularity inspired the TikToker to create more content — with the goal of providing more useful household tips and tricks to help his confounded viewers.

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