TikToker goes viral after brother pranks her with over 500 sticky notes

Dylan Horetski
Steven and Danielle Sticky note prank tiktok

A couple on TikTok has gone viral after revealing that her brother pranked them with over 500 sticky notes while they were away on vacation.

When you go on vacation, it makes sense to trust a family member with the keys to your apartment or house so they can take care of your plants, right?

That’s what TikTok couple Steven and Danielle thought when they recruited her brother to water their plants when they were away.

When they got back from vacation, however, they found their apartment was covered in over 500 sticky notes.

TikToker goes viral after brother pranks her with sticky notes

Uploaded on August 15, Steven and Danielle shared all the areas where they found sticky notes when they got home.

“This is what happens when I give my brother the keys to my apartment to water my plants while i’m on vacation,” she said.

As they entered the apartment, they show the sticky notes on the lamp shade, wall, paper towel roll, and even the toilet seat.

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Fans on TikTok quickly took to the comments to show how much they love the sticky notes prank.

One user commented: “best prank I’ve ever heard of.”

Another user said: “If he didn’t go to all that trouble was he even really there?! I mean that had to take a little time, he even wrote on some of them!”

While others said they want to do the same thing to their siblings: “I’m dog sitting for my brother today. I know how i’m occupying my time now.”

Don’t worry, her brother wasn’t messing around the whole time he was there. Steven and Danielle commented multiple times that the plants were watered while they were gone.