TikToker Giulia Amato hits back at Addison Rae copycat accusations

Charlotte Colombo

TikToker Guilia Amato has responded to fan backlash after she posted a TikTok of herself dyeing her hair brown – and many people are accusing her of trying to copy influencer Addison Rae with her new ‘do.

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With 1.3 million followers on the app, Giulia Amato is pretty famous in her own right as a top-tier influencer. However, she has frequently been compared to TikTok superstar Addison Rae, with fans often pointing out the striking similarities between the two women.

While the comparisons have been the norm for Amato for a while, they seemed to take a more dramatic turn after she dyed her hair to a similar brown color that Rae currently rocks, with many fans accusing her of trying to “do like Addison.”

Amato recently dyed her hair back to its natural color.

Hitting back at the haters, Amato posted a TikTok exposing one of the hateful comments. Showing she isn’t affected by them, she jokes that the commenters “hit [her] with that one,” but that it “doesn’t even hurt” because she’s heard it so many times.

In the caption, she also clarifies that the chocolate brown shade she’s rocking is actually her “natural hair color,” which makes the accusations of copying Addison all the more ridiculous.

Following her post, Giluia received ample support on both TikTok and Instagram. Over on TikTok, several fans pointed out that Rae “doesn’t own” the color brown, with one fan joking: “Ok, if I dye my hair brown then I’m trying to be like Addison.”

Meanwhile, on Instagram, one fan said in a comment that got over 3,000 likes: “[J]ust because someone looks like someone else, doesn’t mean that they’re actively trying to look like that person. Some people just naturally look similar.”

She detailed her hair transformation for fans via TikTok, but not all the comments were positive.

Another Instagram comment that got over 4,000 likes expressed similar sentiments, with the user saying: “Can y’all stop comparing people please!”

This response video comes after Amato posted a TikTok of herself at the hair salon, where she went back to her natural hair color after rocking a more sun-kissed look over the summer.

Unfortunately, Amato was on the receiving end of a lot of hateful comments in this video, with many accusing her of merely dyeing her hair in order to look more like Addison Rae. One user asked Amato if she “really had to copy Adi,” while another accused her of being an “off-brand Addison Rae”.

With all these unfounded accusations in the TikTok comments, nobody can blame Amato for wanting to set the record straight. Besides, we have to admit that her hair looks great!