TikToker finds insane amount of cash inside suit at Goodwill

Kawter Abed

A TikToker went viral after sharing how she found an insane amount of cash hidden inside a suit at Goodwill.

In a recent TikTok video, content creator Megan Meyer explained how she found a surprising amount of money while shopping at the thrift store.

“So I told my sister it would be fun to check suit pockets at the Goodwill,” she said in the clip. “We found $630 in one single suit.”

According to Megan, this is not her only Goodwill score. “I’ve found a lot of other stuff also,” she said. “It’s possible, you just have to have the patience.”

TikToker goes viral with surprise at thrift store

In just a few days, her video went viral on the social media app, amassing more than 2.3 million views and thousands of comments.

This isn’t the first time that thrift shoppers have found surprises in their Goodwill finds. Megan’s video was flooded with comments from others sharing similar stories of finding cash stashed inside the donated goods.

TikTok users react to woman’s insane Goodwill find

“Yeah I found $1500 in a suit when I volunteered at a thrift store,” one user shared.

“Books are also a good place to look. I found four 1984 $50 bills at Half Price once,” another user added.

“Found a 23k ring a 6k ring and pear necklaces in a satin jewelry bag in a super old piano,” a third user wrote.

“My mom volunteered at a thrift shop and she found a little over 550 bucks in old 20 dollar bills. it was in a trench coat,” someone else commented.

Other users felt motivated to visit the shop in hopes of finding similar fortunes.

“I’ll take this as a sign to take my broke ass to a Good Will,” one user wrote. “That’s it, I’m headed to the goodwill,” another added.

“I know what I’m doing before work tomorrow,” someone else shared.

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