TikToker faces backlash after shaming Chipotle worker for eating on the job

Kawter Abed
TikToker shamed Chipotle worker for eating

A TikToker faced backlash after ranting about a Chipotle worker who was eating a snack in the middle of a shift.

This content creator went viral for all the wrong reasons, after he filmed and complained about a Chipotle employee eating during her shift.

“Employees eating and walking around instead of working! Pathetic! Never even washed her hands or nothing. Fkin gross!” the TikToker wrote in text over the video.

In the eight-second clip, which has amassed over 343,000 views, employees can be seen standing behind a counter, with one of them eating a small snack.

He wrote in the caption of the video that one of the workers “has a bad attitude as well,” complaining that another was “counting tips” while customers queued out the door. 

TikTok react to customer shaming Chipotle worker for eating during shift

Instead of sympathizing with the content creator, the vast majority of TikTok users in the comments sided with the Chipotle worker, and criticized the TikToker.

“They’re human bro, they have to eat too. There were other people there working,” one user commented. “Lmao you’re a KAREN,” another quipped.

“If you only knew what really went on with food prep, that’s the least of your problems,” a third wrote. “Stop complaining about fast food! If you don’t like it COOK your own damn food!” a fourth user added.

“Funny how you didn’t reach the right attention, most of us in the comments actually understand her side. Don’t judge,” someone else shared.

Despite the fact that eating on the job is often discouraged for food safety reasons, most people defended fast-food workers eating while working.

One user offered an explanation as to why one of the workers was counting tips instead of working, which the TikToker ranted about. “At my job, we have someone counting tips who is not in charge at the moment of taking orders or doing those orders,” they explained. “That’s probably what this is.”

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