TikToker claims school ‘starved’ her 7-year-old daughter for breaking dress code

TikToker claims school ‘starved’ her 7-year-old daughter for breaking dress codeTIKTOK: thisisharlie

A fuming mom took to TikTok to call out her daughter’s school for allegedly refusing to serve her lunch after she broke the dress code.

Content creator Harlie was shocked after her first grader’s school reportedly refused to serve her child lunch, because she wore an “inappropriate” outfit.

After being dress coded for wearing “spaghetti straps,” the 7-year-old was sent to the nurse’s office to finish her lunch, but the nurse was allegedly on calls the whole time.

In a clip with over 892,000 views, Harlie asked her daughter whether she had been allowed to finish her lunch. The daughter, replied, “Nope. I didn’t even get to finish my bag of Cheetos.”

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The devastated mom told her child, “Here’s the thing. You get to choose what goes on your body. Okay? So next time that happens I want you to tell your teacher to call me instead.

“And if you get sent home from a dress code, we’re going to go out and eat or something.”

She uploaded a follow-up TikTok detailing the incident, which she captioned, “POV: You’re raising a first-grader in the South.”

“Update on my first-grader being refused lunch because of the spaghetti straps on her shirt,” she said in the video, which has amassed 1.1 million views. “Y’all aren’t going to like it, and I really don’t like it.”

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Harlie stated she had no idea the school didn’t allow spaghetti straps, because she was in the hospital for ongoing medical issues at the time her daughter was admitted to the school.

The mom didn’t deny the outfit is against the school’s rules, but she’s upset over how the school decided to handle the situation. 

She visited the school in the hope of finding a solution, but was left disappointed as she claimed they got “combative.”

“They tried to tell me she was lying about being pulled out of lunch, then another teacher said she was pulled out of lunch,” she claimed.

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“Then they were trying to lie about how long she was out of lunch. Then they blamed her for walking too slow instead of the nurse being on calls. I believe my kid.”

She then asked teachers to call her instead of “shaming” and “starving” her daughter if it happened again, and the teachers were shocked that she would “pull her out of academics” as a solution.

Harlie said she’s now searching for other schools in the area to send her little girl to, and asked viewers for advice in finding one.

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