TikToker blasts James Charles after calling her makeup tutorial a “scam”

Fairy Freak James Charles Scam Clap backYouTube: James Charles

James Charles’ video calling out TikTok makeup artists and their “scamming artistry” has been criticized after he singled out one creator at the start. Ria, also known as Fairy Freak, called out Charles for saying her tutorial was a scam, showing it off in full.

James Charles might be one of the biggest YouTube makeup content creators on the platform ⁠— if not the biggest ⁠— however, scandal follows him almost everywhere he goes.

This time, it comes from within the community after a video he posted calling out TikTok “makeup hacks,” labeling some of the impressive designs as “scams.”

One such design was an amazing eyeliner trick by Ria, also known as Fairy Freak. Charles himself was taken aback when he saw the clip, calling it “literally the most impressive thing that I’ve seen in my entire makeup career.”

The related segment begins at 1:34

However, he soon turned that around, saying she was “scamming” viewers by swapping her eyeliner between transitions.

“You know what I’m noticing, though? Gotta clock the girl over here. When she cuts the final clip when she has the full makeup on ⁠— looks stunning, by the way ⁠— it’s different eyeliner,” he said.

“She did not keep on the same eyeliner that she did her 1-2 swipe with. Gotcha good gal.”

He tried to do the trick himself but failed miserably, but if he checked out Fairy Freak’s tutorial, he might have a better time.

The TikToker, who has 800,000 followers, called out James Charles for saying her neat trick was a scam.

She also hit back at people for claiming she was “clout chasing.” While Charles acknowledged her TikTok username at the start of his video, he didn’t tag any of the makeup artists in the YouTube description.

“Also, I’ve seen some people claiming I’m clout chasing. Well yes, I deserve something. I didn’t even get a tag. It’s my content.”

Fairy Freak was defended by many viewers, not just on her own TikTok page but the comments of Charles’ YouTube video. The star is yet to reply to Fairy Freak’s statement.