TikToker receives invoice from man after first date ends in disaster

TikToker gets invoice after first date failPexels.com: Kindel Media / TikTok: fifihopes

A woman is going viral on TikTok for revealing an invoice she received from her date after their first romantic outing didn’t exactly go well, leaving viewers stunned.

First dates can be tricky, but one unfortunate woman’s initial outing with a guy ended in total disaster.

TikToker Fiona Hope uploaded a video explaining her first date with the man in detail, saying that she “gave him the benefit of the doubt” despite not really “fancying” him at first.

She says that the two went to dinner, and even though she insisted on paying for herself, he “was very adamant” about buying her food, so she let him pay.

Then, she claims that her date started asking her “weird questions” about her sexual history and preferences, which she wasn’t super jazzed about answering.

Hope said she’d scheduled plans with a friend after the dinner but “felt bad” about it and invited him along — something she called a “mistake.” The two shared a kiss and she claims she “really didn’t fancy him” after that.

TikToker’s date sends her invoice for £28 dinner

Once their date was over, he messaged her on social media asking to hang out again — but Fiona said she wasn’t interested. This is where things take a turn for the worse.

In response, her date sent her a message explaining his point of view, saying the “convo was good, made you laugh all day, got along with your friend did things you wanted to do and it wasn’t like there wasn’t sexual attraction.”

After asking, “or what does romantic connection look like to you?” he sent Fiona an invoice for £28 to cover the cost of her meal.

“I mean, the cheek of him!” Fiona said. “Do you think I’m gonna pay? Would you pay, because I don’t feel like I’m a commodity and if I don’t give in then I should pay someone back.”

Commenters are split on the situation, with some understanding why he’d be “surprised” about her decision after kissing, while others opted for more ‘petty’ comebacks.

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