TikToker apologizes after heated gym argument goes viral

Emma Hill
Two women in the gym arguing on TikTok with the TikTok logo

TikTok creator ‘brithebaddie_2’ has shared her side of the story after a viral video showing a woman approacing her in the gym accusing her of trying to flirt with her partner took over social media.

TikTokers have managed to capture some intense moments in their videos thanks to their speedy filming skills and subsequently gone viral.

Sometimes these clips can involve angry customers hitting out at restaurant workers or, on occasions, even show dramatic full-blown fist fights.

Luckily it didn’t it get that far for TikToker brithebaddie_2 when a fellow gym user claimed she was trying to catch her boyfriend’s attention.

TikTok gym argument goes viral

On August 14, a TikTok video featuring Bri began circulating on Twitter in which she was working out in the gym when a stranger approached her making some bizarre accusations.

She claimed she was feeling suspicious after Bri “slowed down” as she picked up weights in front of her boyfriend. Then Bri supposedly “wiped [her] butt” in a suggestive way.

“I just want you to look at it from my perspective,” the woman claimed as Bri looked on in shock. “I hear you and I apologize because it sounds like you don’t even know what I’m talking about.”


After the clip, Bri went into further detail about the confrontation. She explained: “For one, I wipe my shorts all the time. All the gym girlies who really lift know you’ve got to wipe your hands. Two, the reason I’m probably picking up these weights slowly is because that sh*t is heavy.”

TikTok users rallied behind Bri claiming that it was the stranger’s boyfriend who was at fault. As one viewer claimed: “The funny thing is he was really the one noticing. He prob got caught looking and made a whole story up. What in the insecurity.”

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In a follow-up video, Bri shared her shock at the “audacity” of her accuser, but said she didn’t want to escalate the confrontation with a fight as the woman was “not worth [her] energy.”

She warned her fellow female gym users to “just be careful” around similar situations.

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