“Karen” tries to get TikToker fired only to discover his family owns the restaurant

TikTok George SpanosTikTok: Itsgeorgespanos

A TikToker has gone viral after uploading a video explaining that a “Karen” tried to get him fired from his job, not knowing that his family owns the restaurant where he works.

‘Karens’ have gone viral on TikTok a lot recently — whether they’re ruining a wedding with a lawn mower, calling the cops on people relaxing in their yard, or even going as far as assaulting them.

Restaurant workers also deal with a fair share of ‘Karen’ customers, as TikToker itsgeorgespanos has learned after one left a review on his employer’s Facebook page attempting to get him fired.

George put the person on blast in a video uploaded to his channel, clapping back at the “Karen” because he and his family own the restaurant.

TikToker claps back at “Karen” customer

Uploaded on August 9, George Spanos’ video reads: “Me reading Karen’s Facebook review trying to get me fired” while he’s acting like he’s crying.

It quickly transitions to the TikToker smiling with the caption: “My family and I own it.”

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Fans quickly took to George’s comments to share their thoughts, as well as their own stories about working at a family-owned business.

One user commented: “If my family had a business I’d be a menace to society lol.”

While another complimented George: “Karen’s be forgetting not all business are owned by lizard people…good for you!”

A third user shared their own story about “Karens” at work: “I always have Karen’s be like well I know the owner, who are you. Oh, you know MY DAD but not me…okay.”

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