TikTok Trends: Why people are turning themselves into Vogue cover stars

TikTok: James Charles/ TikTok: Danielle Cohn/ TikTok: Zane Hijazi

Who doesn’t want to one day be on the cover of Vogue? TikTok stars are taking the initiative and doing it themselves.

What’s the trend?

TikTokkers are editing their photoshoots and selfies to look like they’re on the cover of Vogue magazine. Some have taken old photoshoots and edited the Vogue logo into them, and others have taken artistic pictures especially to suit the trend.

Montages are usually posted alongside a remix of Out West by JACKBOYS feat. Young Thug or with the tag #voguechallenge.

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Why is it happening?

Unsplash: Charisse Kenion
Modelling for the cover of Vogue is goal of many people across the world.

There’s something about the Vogue logo at the top of an image that instantly makes it look more classy and impressive. And for those who only dream of one day gracing the magazine cover, a simple edit will do the trick for the time being.

Lots of creators are having fun editing amateurs pictures into something cool and are taking it as an opportunity for self-love and body positivity.

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The challenge appears to have spread from Twitter where black creators are making their own renditions of Vogue covers after Anna Wintour said that Vogue had not done enough to “give space to Black creators.”

Who’s in on it?

Creators with a host of photoshoots they can already pick from are lucky enough to be able to smash this trend.

James Charles, Amelie Zilber, Danielle Cohn, and Riley Hubatka are among the most popular accounts who are editing themselves onto Vogue covers – although these four are already models.

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You can also check out montages from Zane Hijazi, Toddy Smith, and Alex French.

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What are the best ones?

Body-positive influencer Anna ‘glitterandlazers’ O’Brien worshipped summer with her collection of covers.

Spanish creator Papi Kunno mixed things up with colorful backgrounds.

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Photographer Derrek Harris turned a stranger into a cover star.

Are there similar trends?

Some people are using the same audio to imagine what paparazzi pictures of them might look like. Creators are getting photoshoots of them stepping out of cars, walking out of buildings, or putting their hands up to the camera.

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