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TikTok star Avani Gregg denies using homophobic slur in video

Published: 3/Sep/2020 0:34

by Virginia Glaze


Popular TikToker and actor Avani Gregg is coming under fire after publishing a video where she danced and lipsynced to Young Thug’s ‘Thief in the Night,’ which features a homophobic slur.

Avani Gregg is a popular face on TikTok, boasting over 25 million followers due to her viral lipsyncing and dance videos, as well as her affiliation with the ever-popular Hype House content collective.

Despite her popularity, Gregg has come under intense scrutiny as of late after a video surfaced online – one that has taken the social media world by storm due to the inclusion of a certain offensive term.


The video in question shows Gregg performing choreography for rapper Young Thug’s ‘Thief in the Night,’ for which she also lipsyncs the lyrics.

Although Gregg covered her mouth for one portion of the clip, fans were shocked to see her mouth a homophobic slur that the rapper used, prompting outrage among her fanbase.

“Avani said the d – slur…we can’t have ANYTHING,” one fan commented.

“The way Avani covered her mouth on p***y but said the d-slur,” another wrote.

Gregg has since spoken out regarding the outrage, confirming that she has since taken down the video and apologized for mouthing the offensive word.


“For this video, I’m sorry,” Gregg Tweeted on September 2. “I did not know the lyrics. I thought it said, ‘Hit like the night!’ I also did not know there was a d-slur, so thank you for informing me. I’m sorry again, and I took down the video. Once again sorry, I genuinely did not know.”

Gregg posted a video to TikTok that contained a similar apology, but included the additional paragraph: “Once again sorry, and thank you for informing me. I will not make this mistake again and will look up the lyrics before making videos to songs I do not know. Sorry again.”


@avanithank you for informing me and i’m sorry i didn’t catch it early! i will be looking harder at lyrics from now on. sorry.♬ original sound – rapidsongs

Thus far, it seems like fans have taken her apology in good spirits, with many thanking the starlet for her quick action and sincere apology — an admittedly refreshing take in a normally brutal online environment.