What is TikTok’s Pokemon 777 filter? Explicit filter could get users banned

Connor Bennett
TikTokers holding hand at screen for pokemon filter

TikTokers have been warned about an explicit Pokemon filter that has been doing the rounds as it could get them in trouble. Here’s what you need to know about the Pokemon 777 filter. 

As TikTok has become a must-use social media platform for many social media users, the variety of content has expanded vastly beyond what it started out as. 

Filters are one of the most popular types of content on the short-form video app, mainly because of how weird some of them get. You’ve got filters that can age you in an instant, some will make it look like you’re falling through the ground, and others will put you in the brand-new Barbie movie. 

However, there are some filters that can land users in hot water. We’ve seen these before with the explicit Chung-Li and Princess Peach filters, but there is another – the Pokemon 777 filter. 

Pokemon 777 filter can land TikTokers with a ban

The Pokemon 777 filter has popped up on TikTok in the last few days, especially after TikTok reporter NoahGlennCarter shined a light on it, urging the platform to take a look at it. 

Just like the Chung-Li and Princess Peach filters, the Pokemon 777 filter is pretty innocuous until you put your hand up toward the screen. Once you do this, it’ll flash an NSFW photograph of a Pokemon onto the screen, and if you show it, you’re likely to be banned from TikTok. 

Plenty of videos have already been made warning users about the filter, with many TikToker blurring out whatever image pops up to avoid any punishment from the platform. 

Like many of these explicit filters, tracking its origin is pretty difficult because the original posters typically delete their videos and posts once it has spread around enough. 

Naturally, other ‘filters’ with the same name have popped up on the TikTok search function but they don’t produce the same outcome – so it appears the platform has clamped down on it quickly