TikTok moms go viral for genius McDonald’s dessert hack

Molly Byrne
Janelle and Kate create the ultimate McDonald's dessert hack.

Two TikTok moms have gone viral for sharing their rendition of a tasty McDonald’s dessert hack.

Two TikTok moms, Janelle and Kate, who have 3.7 million followers, have recently shared their delicious version of a McDonald’s dessert hack.

Though the dessert hack has been around for a couple of years, with people adding their toppings of choice to an overload of ice cream, Janelle and Kate have gone viral for adding a rather salty treat to their dish. 

Since posting their affordable and tasty dessert, TikTokers are commenting in awe of the smorgasbord.

Janelle and Kate create the ultimate “sweet and salty” mixture

The trending McDonald’s dessert hack dates as far back as 2021. Janelle and Kate, however, have recently gone viral for their unique rendition of the ice cream bonanza.

First, the moms suggest a rectangular Tupperware container instead of the usual McDonald’s container. Then, buy six vanilla ice cream cones along with hot fudge, caramel sauce, and McFlurry toppings — each costing under $1.

You’ll want to smash the ice cream cones and then swirl in your toppings of choice. Janelle and Kate chose warm chocolate chip cookies, rainbow sprinkles, hot fudge, and…french fries?

Yup, that’s right! One of the TikTok moms can be heard defending their choice to add fries to the sweet combination, saying, “It’s the sweet and salty mixture.”

Viewers have since taken to their comments section with mixed reviews. Some were astonished by the dessert, saying, “Wow, that’s amazing,” and “These are the kind of ladies I need to hang with.”

But some TikToker’s weren’t in favor of the ‘salty’ part, saying, “Oh my goodness! This is lush!! minus the french fries though.” Another added, “You lost me at the French fries.”

Some have even tried creating their own dessert combination at McDonald’s. Most have only had it with the ice cream and cone, however, some have brought their own peanut butter and Oreo pieces to top off the hefty treat.

Though most viewers were against the salty part of their dish, Janelle and Kate weren’t the only ones who added French fries to their sweet treat, as other TikTokers have posted indulging in the same thing.

This isn’t the first McDonald’s dessert trend of the summer, as the fast food’s grimace shake sent supporters in viral mode for weeks for doing a multitude of trends like painting their bodies in purple before entering a McDonald’s as well as the “Grime Scene.”