TikTok divided over worker “comping” order for woman after her boyfriend refused to pay

Eleni Thomas
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A new TikTok is sparking a major debate online after a US cookie dough company decided to offer up a woman a comp for her order after her boyfriend refused to pay for it on the day of their 2 year anniversary.

In a new TikTok captioned “chill out Kyle” a worker from the Dough Re Mi store in Texas recounted a recent interaction she had in her store. Asking her viewers “am I the asshole?” after explaining what had happened during the interaction between her and a young couple.

“So we had a couple come in the other day and after some small talk, we figured out it was her 2 year anniversary. Initially, they agreed to just share the double scoop that the guy had ordered but his girlfriend ended up wanting some of her own dough as well.”

The worker then explained that the woman, “asked him if it was okay and he said he was but seemed very annoyed about it. When it came time to pay he only paid for the cookie dough he had ordered and started walking off. She looked confused and asked if he was going to pay for her order as well.”


If the TikTok is unable to load, you can access it via the link here.

He said no she could pay for her own food because she should have made up her mind in the beginning. She looked extremely embarrassed and instead of making her pay for it we made it very obvious to the boyfriend that we were going to comp her order for her and for the customer name on the receipt we put dump him.”

The video, which now has over 1.1 million views and over 400 comments, has been flooded with TikTok users sharing their throughs on the interaction. Based off of the comments, people seem split on the decision that Dough Re Mi made in comping the woman for her order.

One user wrote, “bro it’s his money” while another commented, “I just want to know why she put up with two years of that.”

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