Server goes viral after couple refuses to tip her because she can’t adjust their bill

Lauren Lewis
A Tik Tok worker who wasn't given tip.

A woman on TikTok shared why a couple refused to tip her, simply because she couldn’t adjust the bill for them, and fans are furious.

In a video that’s gained a colossal 1.7 million views, a woman named Gina has shared the seemingly bizarre reason why a couple refused to tip her. 

She starts the video by setting down her camera on the counter ready for a storytime. “Okay, you wanna hear why I didn’t get tipped tonight?” the TikToker asks, clearly aggravated by the intonation of her voice. 

She explains that an older couple arrived at the unnamed restaurant, and ordered “Double pork chops, baked-potato with all the butter, green-beans, and a plate to share.” She repeated the order to the couple, just to make sure she’d written everything down correctly. 

She says she then “Typed it into the f**king computer,” before checking on their dining experience after the meal arrived. They seemed satisfied, that is, until they received the bill, and the man gesticulated angrily at the waitress, saying “Ey… I asked for one pork chop, we can’t even eat all of this.” 

She was flabbergasted by his claim, as not only had the man ordered a double-pork chop rather than a single, the couple’s plates were also completely empty, apart from a “sliver of potato skin.” 

The man was adamant however, prompting her to speak to the manager, who of course, shared similar sentiments. The manager told them “Well, you must have been hungry, because you ate it all.”

Despite this, the couple were adamant, stating, “Well, the waitress didn’t adjust my check for me, so I’m not tipping her.”

In the video, Gina is visibly worked up, blurting “So this man really didn’t tip me because he only requested one chop, ate the whole thing, and didn’t tip me bro.”

TikTok furious at rude couple

The TikTok commenters rallied to Gina’s defence, and had lots to say on the matter. One stated plainly “Those people were never gonna tip you.” 

Another wished that she could have been a fly on the wall, stating “Waitresses should wear GoPro’s.” One fantasised about an ideal solution, where: “Your boss covers your tip as a managerial expense, and bans the customers.”

Others were surprised at the order’s low cost, asserting, “The order was only $24, why were they tripping.”

Perhaps what’s most interesting is that people were quick to guess which establishment the woman worked at. It seemed that one guess was unanimous.

“Why did I know this was Texas Roadhouse as SOON as you said, double chops?” Another concurred, “This screams Texas Roadhouse guests. They’re a different breed.”

The establishment that Gina works at hasn’t been confirmed, nonetheless, commentators argue “Everyone should have to waitress for at least a week.”

It’s not always the customers who cause a stir for how they treat wait staff, though. Thousands were left mindblown after this DoorDash driver threw a customer’s food order on the ground because they didn’t leave a tip.