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TikTok Crashing: Users report app keeps closing and won’t open

Published: 23/Mar/2021 11:10

by Alice Hearing


The world’s fastest-growing app TikTok is facing mass outages and crashes according to thousands of its users as they scramble to figure out what is going on. 

On Monday evening, March 22, and into the early hours of March 23, the TikTok app started crashing for thousands of users who have been left frustrated with their favorite app. TikTok has not officially responded to the issue at the time of writing.

Among the frustrated users on Twitter, many reported that they were unable to check notifications, upload videos, or even open the app to begin with. Others reported issues with other apps and websites alongside this including Gmail, Amazon, Tumblr, and Yahoo.


One person asked, “Is TikTok not working right for anyone else? Because I like can’t go to my favorites or a sound without the app like freezing and crashing.”

While another joked “Me: *goes to look at TikTok as part of my evening routine*, Tiktok: haha, nope, we’re just gonna keep crashing, Me: well now I’m very hungry and kinda bored.”

How to troubleshoot the issue

One Twitter user has suggested a solution for those with an android phone such as a Samsung, writing “If TikTok app, Gmail, crashing, etc on Samsung… Uninstall Android System Webviewer from the app store. If it’s currently installing, go to apps in your settings, force stop it, disable it and go back to playstore to Uninstall. Everything will work again!”


However, this method is certainly not foolproof with IOS users also reporting difficulties using the app. Speculation of the cause has ranged from the device people are using to the location of the user, but none seem to serve as an explanation.

Most likely, this is an internal issue at TikTok, and most will merely need to wait until it is fixed. Meanwhile, you’re one of the lucky few who are able to use the app, you can let TikTok know by clicking on ‘Me’, then the menu icon, and selecting the “Crashing/Not Responding/Lagging/Other” option.

This comes after the Facebook family of apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram all crashed simultaneously last week sending millions into a Twitter frenzy.