The Weeknd fans shocked after hearing his speaking voice in viral TikTok

Sam Comrie
an image of the weeknd on tiktok

The Weeknd has left fans across the world shocked, as a viral TikTok shows off the artist’s speaking voice.

Whether it’s the might of Dave Grohl or the belting of legendary Freddie Mercury, it can be hard to believe such amazing vocals originate from softly spoken voices.

The Weeknd, who blew listeners away with DawnFM earlier this year, has left some of his fans shocked after they’ve finally heard his speaking voice for the first time.

Now, fans of The Weeknd are discussing this discovery as a viral TikTok sweeps the platform.

The Weeknd fans are in “love” with his speaking voice

TikTok user @swagman_23 aka Joshua Felder went viral last year, after making SuperBowl history as the first dancer with autism to perform at the Halftime show.

Already an avid fan of The Weeknd, Felder told CBS at the time that: “I never thought in a million years I’d be at the Super Bowl … and dance with The Weeknd.”

Now, Felder has gone viral after meeting The Weeknd backstage at a recent show: “I remember going viral in the SuperBowl Halftime show from last year with @theweeknd! Here I am now meeting my homie in person!”

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As the wholesome moment makes the rounds on TikTok, commenters are in awe at The Weeknd’s speaking voice, as it is the first time for many to hear him speak outside of his music.

TikTok user @atm.m1 revealed their shock, saying” “why’s this the first time I’ve seen him talk?”

Another was just as stunned by The Weeknd’s voice too, adding “bruh: this is the first time I’ve heard him speak.”

Commenter @bbbsturgil said “omg I think I just few in love with him” while another couldn’t believe how he sounded: “He has such a soft voice omg.”

The revelation has got many fans jokingly doubting that this is the real artist too: “That’s not the weekend it’s a hologram.”

Were you just as shocked as we were? Either way, we’re glad to see Felder met the man himself.