Tekken 7 pro uses hilarious Twitch mod to embarrass opponents

Virginia Glaze

Much like the Soul Calibur games, Tekken 7 allows players to customize their characters for online play – but sometimes, this customization can get out of hand, as seen during Tekken pro “LowHigh’s” hilarious Twitch stream of the title.

While Tekken 7 lets players legally outfit their favorite characters in ridiculous getups, fighting games as a whole boast a robust modding community, with some genius modders even adding in characters from other games as skins for pre-existing fighters.

One such modder decided to take things a step further and create a working Twitch icon as a costume, complete with angry eyebrows and a pulsating vein, often used to indicate anger in anime and manga.

However, the mod does come with a drawback: the Twitch icon has no discernable hands or feet, which makes fighting a player using the costume a big difficulty, even if they’ve practiced the reskinned character matchup.

This didn’t stop Tekken pro Sun-woong “LowHigh” Yoon from using the mod during his stream of the game, who couldn’t contain his laughter during a Bryan Fury mirror match.

“Look at this!” LowHigh laughed as he schooled his opponent. “Oh yeah! I am a Bryan player!”

LowHigh wasn’t the only member of the Tekken community who found the mod to be completely ridiculous, either: commentator “SpaghettiRip” echoed his sentiments, uploading the clip in a Tweet that quickly went viral throughout the fighting game community.

“So I think I’ve been awake for far too long,” Spag wrote of the mod. “What is happening on LowHigh’s Twitch LOOL”

“Oh my God, Twitch chat actually fighting back,” another commented.

Even esports team UYU’s CEO chimed in on the hilarity, writing, “I saw this, then a mirror match with whatever the heck you call that square thing. LowHigh is such a joker. Chat said it’s Tekken 8.”

The Twitch icon was created by modder “NiceKun,” who uploaded a video showcasing his skills to YouTube earlier this month.

Considering public outrage regarding Twitch’s moderation, this Tekken 7 mod comes as a not-so-subtle critique of the platform – or, possibly, of trolls in the chat.

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