Teacher fired for making OnlyFans videos slams trolls after becoming rich

teacher fired for onlyfans content becomes richInstagram/sarahjuree

A teacher fired from her school after her OnlyFans videos were discovered is blasting haters after rising to become one of the top earners on the platform.

Back in June, 41-year-old Sarah Juree was terminated from her teaching job in Indiana for allegedly ‘putting the school’s reputation at risk.’

Amazingly, before being fired, Jurvee claims her boss encouraged her to sell her used panties on the site, seemingly giving her the green light to continue on with both careers.

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However, after being fired from her job, the OnlyFans creator went full-time on the platform and has since grown immensely to become one of its highest earners.

OnlyFans teacher blasts trolls for shaming her

During a recent podcast appearance, Jurvee revealed how she deals with trolls who spam her with negative comments.

“People on the internet are very cruel,” she explained. “The ability for OnlyFans as a platform to help women redefine beauty standards because I am a top content maker on a platform and I’m 41 years old.”

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sarahjuree on onlyfansInstagram/sarahjuree
This former teacher is now a top earner on OnlyFans.

The OnlyFans star went on to express how men still like the way she looks despite dealing with stretch marks, scars, and some sag. According to the former teacher, the trolls come after her because they’re “projecting.”

“When you understand that when people make comments on the internet what they are really doing is projecting all of their issues that they have inside about their bodies and their sexuality and the way they’ve been programmed about women – and they’re just projecting it on to you,” she added.

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Juree is hardly the first teacher to be fired for making OnlyFans videos. Most recently, a teacher was sacked and even banned from the platform after she was caught making clips with her husband on students’ desks.

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