Banned OnlyFans teacher resorts to selling worn underwear after filming clips in school

onlyfans teacher forced to sell dirty underwearTwitter/KhloeKarter

The infamous science teacher who was fired after students caught her filming spicy videos in class with her husband has resorted to selling her worn panties to compensate for her OnlyFans ban.

Former Arizona science teacher Samantha Peer went viral earlier this year after it was revealed that she was OnlyFans star ‘Khloe Karter’ and had been creating content in class.

Once the school discovered she had been filming videos on their students’ desks with her husband, she was sacked and OnlyFans was quick to follow this up by banning her.

In an attempt to recoup some of that lost income through OnlyFans, Karter is now selling some gross items that she’s worn and people are actually spending money on them.

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khloe karter onlyfans teacher in schoolInstagram/khloetheaccountant
Khloe Karter was fired from the school and banned from OnlyFans.

Teacher sells dirty socks as OnlyFans bans her for filming in school

On an OnlyFans rival website, Karter has listed several of her worn items for sale and some of them have been purchased by down bad individuals.

Some of the items she’s successfully sold include black gym socks and panties she had listed between $20 and $30.

However, she has yet to find a buyer for her ‘Black Domme’ and ‘Submissive’ lingerie despite the cheeky price of $69.99. Karter claims that both items have been worn “many times” during acts and have never been washed.

teacher sells dirty sockskhloekarter
The former teacher is now selling used socks after OnlyFans banned her.

Interestingly, Karter is also selling Christmas Cards with images of her and a personalized message for $20, but it’s unclear how many of these she’s managed to sell so far.

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In an apology video, Karter revealed that she started making OnlyFans content in order to support her family financially and that she wasn’t making enough as a teacher.

Whether or not this new hide hustle can be enough to pay the bills, however, remains to be seen.

Despite her actions, the former teacher has also yet to face any charges or a police investigation.