Tate McRae homages Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in ‘exes’ video & fans are obsessed

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Tate McRae poses in front of a barn structure

Pop singer Tate McRae paid homage to Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears in her newly released “exes” video, and fans are obsessed.

Tate McRae is no stranger to paying homage to the past. With her previous song “Greedy,” the rising pop star riffed on Timbaland and Nelly Furtado’s “Give It to Me.”

While giving nods to the past, the singer makes sure to carve out her own unique place in pop music. She also often draws upon her dance background to infuse her work with a bold new energy.

“Greedy” and her freshly-pressed “exes” samples a forthcoming second album, Think Later, due out December 8 on RCA Records.

Tate McRae poses in a barn with lighting shine through boards
Tate McRae performs in her “exes” video

McRae’s new video pays homage to pop royalty

Alongside the “exes” release, Tate McRae issued the gritty music video — which finds the star paying tribute to Britney Spears (circa In the Zone) and Christina Aguilera (“dirrty” has entered the chat).

Even down to McRae’s attire (namely her shorts emblazoned with Xs), the singer respects the past.

Fans were quick to pick up on the similarities on Twitter/X and Instagram.

“She’s kinda killing it,” wrote one fan.

“She’s bringing back that early 2010s pop style. A catchy beat and catchy lyrics,” a fan praised.

Another proclaimed her as the next “main pop girl.”

Brian Friedman, known for working with Spears and many other pop stars, even commented on an Instagram post. “Cmon @britneyspears @xtina homage! @slaughteration @waderobsoncreations & I are flattered,” he wrote.

A fan echoed the sentiment, writing, “Got some diiiiirty vibes going on here!”

With other main pop girls like Olivia Rodrigo paying homage to the past, Tate McRae joins the ranks as one of today’s most exciting performers.

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