Sykkuno thinks streamers “hated” him & Valkyrae as fans ditched TwitchCon lines for them

YouTube: Sykkuno

Streaming star Sykkuno revealed that he “felt bad” that some TwitchCon attendees ditched lines for Twitch streamers just to meet himself and Valkyrae instead.

When it comes to meeting your favorite streamer, the best chance you’re going to get is at a convention of some kind – with the biggest, of course, being TwitchCon.

The annual event was held in San Diego once again this year, but it wasn’t just Twitch streamers and fans that were in attendance. A number of YouTube-exclusive streamers also attended the convention, though, they were hardly doing official meet-and-greets like their Twitch counterparts.

YouTube stars like Ludwig, Sykkuno, Fuslie, and Valkyrae were in attendance, having all ditched Twitch for their new home recently. Though, Sykkuno noted that they, well Valkyrae specifically, was a bit more popular than some Twitch stars.

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Sykkuno reveals Twitch fans ditched streamers to meet Valkyrae

The former Twitch streamer was recapping his time at TwitchCon during his October 11 stream, when he referenced a story about how fans quickly ditched long lines for other streamers to try and meet Rae.

“People abandoned their streamer’s line to get in line to meet Rae and it was bad,” Sykkuno said. “I feel like the other streamers just hated us, they absolutely hated us.

“And, honestly, kind of fair I guess because how bad would it feel if you’re like ‘this is my meet and greet’ and you got like 100 people lined up and then the second Rae walks out, everyone looks over and is like ‘oh, well I’m going to that line now’ and they just ditched their streamer’s line. It was just like… oh man, that feels bad. Feels kind of bad.”

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While Sykkuno didn’t mention just how many fans decided to meet Rae instead, nor did he mention whose line they ditched, it’s fair to assume that it was probably more than a handful.

The popularity of their streamers may prompt YouTube to consider their own event but who knows if they’ll do that all again.