Sweetgreen customer throws salads on the ground in viral meltdown

Brianna Reeves
sweetgreen salads meltdown

At a Sweetgreen in New York City, one customer’s tantrum resulted in the floor being covered in tossed salads.

Public meltdowns aren’t exactly new or rare, but they have become more visible in recent years courtesy of social media.

Just last month, for example, a first-class passenger was hauled off an American Airlines flight by police officers. One TikToker managed to capture the scene, which later garnered tons of views on TikTok and Reddit.

Apparently, the passenger’s meltdown started when flight attendants refused to serve him alcohol before the plane took off.

Now yet another person’s public temper tantrum is picking up steam on social media platforms.

Sweetgreen customer throws salads around amid meltdown

A Sweetgreen locale in New York City recently became the subject of a viral TikTok video because of chaos caused by one customer. TikTok user mayoketchup captured footage of the aftermath, their clip showing the restaurant’s floor littered with salads and upturned bowls.

“So, I’m just minding my own business, and all of a sudden, this guy just comes into Sweetgreen and just starts grabbing and throwing every salad that he could find to the floor.” By the looks of it, no salad was left unturned.


The TikTok user noted near the end of the clip that it’s unclear why the customer was angry or why they took said anger out on the sweet greens.

Whatever the case may be, people commenting on the above video agree that the responsible party went too far. “That’s like $1,000 of damage from salads,” one TikToker wrote, ending their post with a crying emoji.

Someone else said they finally understood their local Sweetgreen’s peculiar operations. “My Sweetgreen hides their pickup behind the counter. Now I know why…”

Others wrote comments sympathizing with the restaurant employees who had to clean up the mess. “I feel so bad for the employees, especially with customers stomping over it more instead of trying to at least not make a bigger mess or something.”

The TikToker captioned their post with “Sweetgreen madness.” It seemed to have been madness, indeed.

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