TikToker has a meltdown after AT&T sends her $6,000 phone bill

AT&T charges TikToker $6000TIKTOK: luluxv.xo

A TikToker went viral as she had a meltdown after receiving a surprising $6,000 phone bill from AT&T.

Content creator Lulú (luluxv.xo) shared on the social media app that her bill came out to almost $6,000, after one month of service on AT&T’s “Unlimited Starter” plan.

In a viral clip which has amassed over 700,000 views, the TikToker wrote in text over the video: “I wish this was a joke. AT&T really making [me] want to [kill myself] today.”

The caption of the TikTok video reads: “My whole day is ruined. I spent an 1.5 hour on the phone with customer service crying. Ive called multiple times in the past few weeks & everyone told me my bill was going to be $120. Idk how this happens.”

In a follow-up video, Lulú shares the breakdown of her bill. She shares that the majority of the debt comes from “Data Pay Per Use,” in which AT&T charged Lulú $2 per megabyte for 3,003 megabytes.

AT&T claims that its “Unlimited Starter” plan has “unlimited talk, text & data.” It remains unclear why Lulú was charged for data usage, or for sending picture and video messages, which is shown in the bill.

Lulú says that she most likely will not have a resolution until September 2. She also says that AT&T claims it is going to file a dispute, but she hasn’t been able to get anything the representatives said in writing.

She says: “I told them I’m going to keep calling them, because this is ridiculous. I just think it’s very unfortunate that we have to jump through all these hoops to get our service.”

“There’s literally nobody we can talk to that can help with this at this moment,” Lulú continues. She also reveals that she filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

Viewers react to AT&T sending TikToker $6,000 bill

Many viewers took to the comment section to encourage Lulú to go further.

“As a Att employee. i would definitely take this to a Corporate store and speak with the manager. Or call *AID and go to option 2,” one person encouraged.

“File a complaint with BBB someone will contact you from the company asap and fix it. This happened to me with a phone line they added,” another person shared.

“Ask to speak to a supervisor N U WANNNA FILE AN ESCALATION NO matter how much they insist on speaking to them don’t stop until you get thru to manager,” a third person advised.

AT&T left a comment too recently, asking the TikToker to direct message the company with more details, so they can help investigate the issue further.