Summit1g’s negotiation tactics lead to incredible Sea of Thieves gaffe

. 3 years ago
Summit1G/Sea of Thieves

Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar is quickly becoming known for his highly entertaining Sea of Thieves highlights but every now and again, a fail slips through and provides some hilarious moments for viewers of his stream.

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While the long-time Twitch streamer may have been critical of the game recently, that hasn’t stopped him from sailing the high seas as he gets involved in hilarious highjinx on the pirate adventure title.

While he may dominate the stealth thieving aspect of the game, Lazar also does his best to just brashly rob enemies at gunpoint and terrify them into handing over their loot. But as we’ve seen before, when it doesn’t work, it produces some spectacular fails.

During his February 3 stream, after chasing down an enemy, Summit climbed aboard their ship with a Mega Keg in hand and begun threatening to sink their ship – taking his own life in the process.

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The Pirate Adventure title has produced big results for Summit.

He threatened his enemy with death, shouting at them: “Don’t move, I’ll blow your ship up brother. Don’t move or you’ll die. Trust me, you best turn this bitch around right now motherfucker. Don’t look at me, turn around. Turn the fuck around. If this boat doesn’t start turning, then we’re all going. This is the Mega Bomb, brother.”

However, when they didn’t respond, Summit took matters into his own hands. “Alright man, don’t think I didn’t warn your ass. Have fun with that one,” he added, before lighting the bomb and trying to make his escape.

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Yet, his plan didn’t work out as first thought as the Mega Keg didn’t immediately sink the enemy vessel and left Summit, in the middle of the ocean, damaged without any rewards to show for it.

It looks like Lazar is going to have to go back to the drawing board before he attempts a stunt like that again. He’s been incredibly successful with some wild Sea of Thieves highlights – including taking out a Skeleton Ship without firing a single shot – but this mission definitely wasn’t a successful one. 

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