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Summit1g uses hilarious tactic to yoink team’s loot on Sea of Thieves

Published: 14/Jan/2019 10:02 Updated: 14/Jan/2019 10:09

by David Purcell


Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has carried some amazingly stealthy heists in his time playing Sea of Thieves, but this one might be the funniest he’s completed so far. 

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The popular streamer had hopped aboard a random crew’s Galleon and decided to lay in his usual spot, behind the chair in the captain’s quarters. 

But, unlike many other of his loot yoinks in the past where he would hide from the team and swipe their chests while they were distracted, Lazar somehow convinced them to just hand their chests over by pretending to be one of their teammates!


RareYou never know what’s around the corner on Sea of Thieves, especially if you come up against Summit1g.
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After sitting in the hiding spot for a while, Summit started to talk to the team of young Sea of Thieves players and worked out quickly what treasure they had on board. 

“Listen guys, I’ve been talking the whole time. I’m the guy in the white dress. We need to be slapping down an Athena quest if you want to get gold” he said, trying to convince them that he was part of their crew. “I’m the guy in the white dress, I’ve been your teammate for a while.”

When the team started to question his allegiance and ask why he hadn’t been talking, he managed to convince them that he was another teammate who had just hooked up their microphone. 


Once he convinced them he was part of the team, Summit asked the crew to move their Captain’s Chests to the rowboat – ready for him to complete this incredible heist. 

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The teammate who didn’t have a microphone connected spotted him in the captain’s quarters, took a shot, but Summit quickly fled the ship with the loot on the rowboat. Because they didn’t have a microphone, there was no way of the player letting his team know what was happening right under their noses. 

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“That’s the problem with not having a mic on Sea of Thieves boys, gotta have a microphone or I will pretend to be you!” Summit concluded, as he rowed away with their chests. 


As he headed to the nearest outpost to cash in his rewards, he was spotted by the team he had just swindled. Summit used some quick thinking and turned on a voice changer, fooling them into thinking he was a different player. 

Once he cashed in their chest, they realized what was happening and started to fire at him, calling him a “son of a gun.” Unfortunately for the squad, it was too late. It doesn’t get much better than that.